Thursday, October 11, 2007

Are You a Podcast User?

Then you might enjoy Podcast User Magazine. (And not just because one this month's featured interviewees, Charles Hodgson of Podictionary, tells the magazine that the one podcast he'd never want to do without is -- what else? -- "A Way with Words.")

And may I just take a moment to say how very pleased I am to see that Charles used a serial comma in the subtitle of his new book, Carnal Knowledge: A Navel Gazer's Dictionary of Anatomy, Etymology, and Trivia? Charles, thanks for striking another blow for sensible punctuation!


Blogger &y said...

Martha --

Treating this post as an open thread. Feel free not to allow this comment if my attitude is not to your liking.

A friend sent me a link to the Free Rice vocabulary quiz this morning. If you've not seen it, you may be interested.

I stank. I was unable to reach the superlative "Vocab Level 50" (I peaked at 47) even after donating 1970 grains of rice. But my friend--who'd announced the quiz as a competition--hit 50 after 1300 grains of rice. And my wife (a veteran AWWW caller) hit 50 after donating a miserly 760 grains of rice.

Take that hungry people!

(But seriously, she continued answering questions until her donation reached a respectable and generous level).

8:08 AM  
Blogger Martha said...

Wow, that's trippy -- thanks for posting this, &y!

9:23 AM  
Blogger LEM said...

Thanks for the kind words about Podcast User Magazine, both here and on our site.

As a long-time listener and even longer-time user of serial commas, I agree with your praise of Charles's title and laugh (however humo[u]rlessly) over the lack of those commas in the magazine.

Maybe now I'll be able to convince my British colleagues that a serial comma isn't such a bad thing after all!

-Linda Mills
Managing Editor and Co-Founder, PUM

3:05 PM  

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