Friday, August 03, 2007

Decision-Making in Public Radio

For those who remain gobsmacked about KPBS's sudden decision to cancel production of the show, there's some pretty darned interesting discussion of it on one of the KPBS blogs, in which General Manager Doug Myrland tries to explain his reasoning and how decisions are made at the station.



Blogger Marc Naimark said...

I didn't see that much explanation. I did see a lot of denigration of the "members" of KPBS: "we broadcast, you listen and keep your pie holes shut." That's an unacceptable attitude for any business, and is particularly grating when public broadcasters are always holding out the hat so that their "members" will let them meet their payroll, including paying Mr. Myrland's salary. As I wrote in another post, I'm not a member of KPBS, but if I were, I would soon be a former member, if that's what the "privilege" of membership represents for KPBS.

Oh, and apparently the petulant Mr. Mryland believes that if a poster attacks him, it's OK for him to reply with his own insults. KPBS is affiliated with SDSU. I thought that was a university, not a kindergarten. My bad.

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