Saturday, March 11, 2006

Today's Word: Horripilation

Speaking of hairy: Need a synonym for goose bumps? Try horripilation, (hoh-RIP-uh-LAY-shun), from Latin horripilare, "to bristle with hairs." The "bristling" in horripilation is the linguistic kin of the "shaking, shuddering" words horror and abhor, while the hairy stem -pilat- in horripilation is related to that hair-remover also known as a depilatory. By the way, anybody here speak a language that invokes some other kind of image for this besides "goose bumps"?


Blogger sunbelt said...

"Chicken skin" in Hawaii.

When I was a kid, hearing the story about the white lady, who walked along side of the road, and who you had to pick up, if you saw her, always gave me "chicken skin".

10:00 AM  

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