Sunday, March 05, 2006

And Today's Golden Pineapple Award Goes To . . .

. . . daz, who points out in one of the comment sections below that if you disregard the tilde, pinacoladaism is an anagram of dipsomaniacal. Enjoy the award, daz. The Golden Pineapple doesn't get doled out to just anybody!


Anonymous daz said...

I am deeply honored to receive the golden pineapple! But I was merely the messenger.

That dipsomaniacal is an anagram of pi├▒acoladaism was discovered years ago by a friend, Henri Picciotto, who hails from Berkeley, California.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Martha said...

Wow, ladies and gents -- and he's humble in the face of kudos, too! Well, thanks for setting the record straight.

Btw,I'd have assumed that Henri came up with that after several coladas, but after watching "Word Wars" last night, I'm betting it happened at a Scrabble game. Any idea?

7:44 AM  

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