Friday, February 03, 2006

OK, I'll bite. What's an Ort?

I was hoping you'd ask!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ort this way:

"A fragment of food left over from a meal; fodder left by cattle; a refuse scrap; leavings. Usu. in pl. Also fig.: a fragment, esp. of wisdom, wit, knowledge, etc."

That' s pretty much what you'll find here -- leftovers from my ruminations about a variety of topics.

I look forward to hearing yours, too.


Blogger Susan said...

hey, Martha,
You brought me right back to my dad, from whom I learned the art and beauty and fun of crossword puzzles! He was *the master of the three-letter clue....
Miss ya Dad.

5:05 PM  
Blogger michi said...

funny. until this morning i did not know the word "ort" existed in the english language. then i read it in a poem. and about an hour later i came to your blog while looking for the word heliogabaline, and see the word "ort" again!

in my mother tongue, german, it means "place, town, spot".

i have bookmarked your blog. i'll be back, as a fellow austrian once said. *G*


6:05 AM  

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